Property Settlement Process Victoria

Our Service

Unique Property Settlement supports clients throughout the process with tailored expert advice.

At Unique Property Settlement, we tailor our offering to meet each client’s needs. We take a holistic view of the requirements of your property project to allow us to deliver efficient and timely settlements, every time. ​


       ▪ Construction Updates
       ▪ Valuation Inspections
       ▪ Pre-settlement Inspections


       ▪ Financial assistance
       ▪ Market condition updates
       ▪ Nomination assistance
       ▪ Project settlement strategies for buyers & developers
       ▪ Brand promotion for developers
       ▪ Defect reports
       ▪ Direct communication
       ▪ Bilingual services
       ▪ Ongoing education for purchasers
       ▪ Valuation pack preparations
       ▪ Owners Corporation & Building Management support


       ▪ Key handover
       ▪ One on one information introduction support
       ▪ Continues follow ups to ensure settlement is completed thoroughly